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Solutions’ Detailed, Rich Information to Give Cable Operator ‘Advantage’ In Competitive Environment

TORONTO, CANADA, MARCH 16, 2008 — Scorecard Systems Inc., the global leader in reporting and analysis solutions for cable, broadband and telecommunications companies, today announced that Midcontinent Communications has successfully deployed its solutions to provide the cable operator with a more robust, accurate and rich subscriber and service analysis capability across the organization. Scorecard’s solutions drive deeper, more accurate analysis of customer activity and put powerful analytical ability directly in the hands of service providers.

Midcontinent Communications is a triple play cable operator providing services to communities in North and South Dakota, and Western Minnesota. Midcontinent’s service area includes over 200 communities serving over 200,000 customers.

Midcontinent has implemented the Subscriber Analysis Application and Revenue/Usage Module. The resultant analysis capabilities have provided Midcontinent a more complete picture of customer interaction. These tools provide subscriber information that was previously not available, enabling Midcontinent to monitor and respond to changes in the state and usage patterns of its subscribers and their related services more quickly than had previously been possible.

“Without a solid and dependable reporting solution, our users were struggling to get the information they needed on a timely basis. Plus, our current system was growing by one request at a time, resulting in a patchwork solution,” says Larry Parsons, Director of MIS for Midcontinent. “Going through this process with Scorecard, our organization has learned a lot about subscriber-based metrics. We now have a deeper ability to monitor and respond to churn and migration patterns. Scorecard has helped us to better know our business.”

“Midcontinent recognizes that the ability to efficiently manage the complexity of multiple lines of business has a direct impact on return on investment, the adoption rate of new services and ultimate customer satisfaction,” said Simon Marwood, Scorecard CEO. “Our Subscriber Analysis Application delivers them the ability to provide all of their management and analyst users with a single source system with both high level performance indicators and the ability to drill into customer detail. This allows users to concentrate on analysis rather than building spreadsheets, and provides full auditability of reported results back to the billing system. The business rules built into our solution avoid the pitfalls of traditional subscriber tracking methodologies used within the industry–tending to overstate certain metrics while failing to provide detailed marketing information about services and bundles–and instead, generates highly detailed analytics on all facets of customer and service activity.”

Scorecard Systems’ Subscriber Analysis Application, which has been deployed at dozens of service providers worldwide, and which today measures results for over 150 million subscribers, can be deployed within an Enterprise Data Warehouse or as a standalone analysis tool, allowing service providers to measure customer activity using a table-based, user-configurable business rules approach that leverages subscriber industry standards — all customized for an organization’s needs. The application provides:

  • Data integrity that creates confidence in subscriber-based metrics
  • Fully auditable, scalable solution incorporating multiple lines of business
  • Table based business rules to avoid complexities of hard-coded custom solutions
  • More detailed, timely, and in-depth reporting and analysis capabilities
  • Reduction of commission overpayments and costs of acquisition
  • Reduction of dealer and salesperson fraud
  • Increased penetration of Value Added Services to existing customer base

The rules are applied automatically at the subscriber/service/billing code level, with the results made available to any number of query, reporting, OLAP or other tools.

About Midcontinent Communications
Midcontinent Communications, based in South Dakota, is the Dakotas’ leading provider of cable television, digital phone, Broadband Internet, and cable advertising services to communities in North and South Dakota, and Western Minnesota. Midcontinent’s service area includes over 200 communities serving over 200,000 customers. For more information, please visit our website at

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